Prince Philip dies: Britain saddened by the disappearance of Prince Philip: Prince Philip dies in Great Britain in mourning

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip died on Friday as a wave of mourning reigned in Britain. The BBC stopped broadcasting its regular program and played the national anthem “God Save the Queen”. Following the news of Prince Philip’s death, the flag was half-tilted at Buckingham Palace, the royal residence in London. At the same time, a black and white photo of Prince was posted on the Royal Family’s website. He was also known as The Duke of Edinburgh.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Prince Philip had ‘the affection of many generations in Britain, the Commonwealth and the world’. He said Prince Philip was like a skilled train conductor who helped advance the royal family and the monarchy, making him an undeniably important institution for happiness and balance in our national life.

Keer Starmer, leader of the opposition Labor Party, was among the first to express his condolences. He also spoke of the long journey of a naval officer in World War I and then Prince Philip in public service.

“She will be remembered most for her extraordinary commitment and affection for the Queen,” she said in a statement.

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