prince philip vanuatu tribes god: prince Philip Death: 16 thousand km from Great Britain Prince Philip was the “ god ” of the tribes, women weeping

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, has died at the age of 99. As the whole country mourns the death of Prince Philip, the tribes living on an island about 10 miles from Britain are shocked by the departure of their god. To the Yaohananen tribes living on the island of Vanuatu in the southern Pacific Ocean near Australia, Prince Philip looked more like a “god” than a human being.

A group of members of the Yaohananen tribe worship Prince Philip and are now in deep mourning as he leaves. On April 10, these tribes received information about the death of the prince from a neighboring woman. The tribals were shocked after hearing this news. A woman would have cried. According to the Daily Mail report, the woman who informed the tribes about the prince’s disappearance said when I told them they were in shock and asked if I was telling the truth.
Prince Philip’s funeral will feature his own designed Land Rover
“ A lot of women got emotional and started to cry ”
The woman said they were very sad. Hearing this news, while the men were sad and disappointed, many women got emotional and started to cry. Interestingly, Prince Philip never visited this island, but he had full information about these tribes. A total of 400 people live on the island. These tribes will now perform traditional dances to commemorate the prince’s passing and plan to mourn.

It is generally believed that members of this clan saw a photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II during their visit to Port Villa in the 1960s. Since then, people of this clan have started to believe that Prince Philip is a human avatar who will one day return to the island of Vanuatu. Please be aware that all capitals and British Navy ships returned a cannon salute to the Prince of Edinburgh, the late Prince Philip on Saturday. Prince Philip died at the age of 99 on Friday at Windsor Castle.

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