Princess latifa al maktoum Video: “ prison ” made for the princess of Dubai, a video coming out of the toilet tells the story of torture

A princess who wanted to see the world with her eyes but who succumbed to fanaticism. The palace of this princess has now become a “prison” for him. Yes, we are talking about Sheikh Latifah Bint Mohammed Al Makhtoum, the daughter of the powerful ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Princess Latifah appealed to the world by posting a recent video showing her life is in danger. Princess, who leads a hellish life, said her villa had become a prison for her. They are not allowed to open the window. Sheikh Latifa Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum has been fighting for “freedom” for many years. Let us know its courageous history and its link with India….

‘I’m a hostage, this villa has been turned into a prison’

Princess Latifah posted the video from her villa and said: ‘I am a hostage. This villa has been turned into a prison. I can’t even go out to get some fresh air. Opening the window is prohibited. I’m making this video in the bathroom. This is the only room I can lock myself in. Shehzadi said she did not know if she “would survive in this condition”. In the video, we see Cheikh Latifa saying: “I don’t know when I will be released and what the situation will be when I am released. Every day I am concerned for my safety and my life. The BBC released the video, saying Latifa recorded the video on a phone in the villa’s toilet, which he secretly obtained about a year after being arrested. In the video, Sheikh Latifa is seen in a “ prison villa ” which is likely located in a city in the United Arab Emirates.

Princess first tried to escape when she was 16

Shehzadi Latifa, the daughter of the powerful ruler of Dubai, was caught in a boat in 2018 as she tried to flee the country. He had planned to run for 7 years, but was eventually caught. The Princess of Dubai first tried to escape when she was 16, but was unsuccessful. According to Latifa, he was arrested at that time and tortured in prison for three years. Latifah also described her father as cruel in the video. She appeared again in a new video posted on Tuesday. Under the hereditary regime of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Shehzadi’s father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, is appointed Prime Minister and Vice President. Princess Al Maktoum is one of the 30 children. A French spy has also been accused of kidnapping Latifah, with allegations of his return from the royal house in Dubai.

Former French detective and trainer friend helped escape

According to a BBC documentary, Herv Jobert, a former French detective and friend Tina, a martial arts trainer, helped Latifah escape for the second time. In the documentary, Tina states that she traveled to Latifa to teach Brazilian martial arts in 2014 at the Royal Residence in Dubai. After coming into contact with him, Latifa asks for his help in escaping. Latifah was also in contact with Herv, a former French spy. Latifa set off for the sea in a small inflatable boat with her trainer. Facing the waves, the two somehow managed to reach the international border in the sea, where Herv was waiting for them with a boat flying the American flag. Latifa felt that she had now gotten rid of the alleged cruelty in the royal house of Dubai, but she was wrong. Shehzadi Latifa, who came from Dubai via Oman, was captured just 30 miles off the coast of Goa.

Indian Navy Captures Shehzadi and Sent to UAE!

In a report prepared on the basis of the documentary, the British Guardian newspaper said that this ship is heading for India. Latifa estimated that she would be safe in India. He was planning to take a flight to Florida after arriving. Latifah wanted to seek political asylum in Florida. Latifa is said to have been captured just 30 miles before the Goa coast. According to the Telegraph report, three Indian warships and two Emiratis surrounded his boat. The French spy claimed that the commandos took Latifa with him and the crew aboard the boat. Indian Coast Guard media reports kept Latifa with her. There were reports citing sources at the time that Agusta’s alleged middleman, Christian Michel, had been extradited in exchange for restoring “India” to “Princess” Latifah who had fled Dubai. The High Court in London, hearing this whole case, had said Latifa’s hour-long video was correct. The video also featured Latifa’s friend and martial arts trainer Tina. According to Tina, the people of the Indian army were screaming and wondering who is the latifa among you?

“ Shehzadi Latifa captured by Indian navy ”

In the video, Tina recounts that Indian forces brought an Arab person to the ship after some time he was asked to identify Latifah. According to Tina, she constantly shouted that the Indian force was breaking international rules, but she was not listened to. The judge said: “This statement indicates that Latifa was not caught saving.” Shehzadi Latifah was never seen in public after this video. Before he was caught he said in one video: “If you watch this video, I’m either dead or in a very bad situation.” Latifa’s lawyers called on the UN to interfere in the case and accused India and the United Arab Emirates of the disappearance of the “princess”. Amnesty alleges that “Indian commandos asked everyone on the boat to remain silent at gunpoint and took Princess Latifah away while she sought political asylum”. The government of Dubai has issued a statement saying that Latifa is with her family. However, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Coast Guard have not made any comments on this at this time.

See, new video of Shehzadi Latifah, pleading with the world

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