Princess Leonor debuts in her first official solo act at Instituto Cervantes

Updated: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 12:56 PM

Published on: 24.03.2021 12:55

Princess Leonor began her visit at the headquarters of the Instituto Cervantes in Madrid on Wednesday, in her first official act alone, at the Caja de las Letras, where she deposited individual copies of the Constitution and Don Quixote as a permanent legacy.

The eldest daughter of the kings, protected by a mask, entered the building accompanied by the first vice-president of the government, Carmen Calvo, the director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis García Montero, and the Secretary of State for Cooperation international, Ángeles Moreno Bau.

Several dozen people gathered outside the headquarters under the slogan “The future is Leonor” to cheer on the princess. “Long live the king and long live the princess!” Chanted the people summoned by the Royal Spanish Association of Concordia.

Once inside, the 15-year-old heir to the throne and the authorities proceeded to the Caja de las Letras, the building’s most symbolic place, where the legacy of the Cervantes and Prizes is kept. other cultural figures.

Leonor de Borbón kept for history in one of the boxes, number 2021, the copy of the Constitution that she read on October 31, 2018, in her first words in public, also at the headquarters of Cervantes.

Then he placed inside the book of Don Quixote with which he participated in the reading of the work of Miguel de Cervantes on April 23 with the Infanta Sofía through a video recorded at the Palacio de la Zarzuela due of the pandemic.

The box reserved for the princess is located between that of Doctor Severo Ochoa and the writer Miguel Delibes, who was the last of which a manuscript was saved, posthumously, on the 12th.

La Caja de las Letras is the vault of the banks that was in the building and which since 2007 has housed the legacy of the winners of the main prize for letters in the Spanish language and outstanding personalities from literature, cinema, music, theater or science.

Unlike most keepsakes, which are kept with a specific opening date, in the case of the princess, they will be kept permanently. García Montero thanked the princess for her presence and memory.

“Here we are preserving the legacy of great artists and representatives of Spanish and Latin American culture. That is why their presence here today is very important,” said the director of the Cervantes Institute.

The tour of the building includes an explanation of the acts commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Instituto Cervantes and an explanation of the ongoing digitization projects and the new website of the entity.

The visit will be completed by an exhibition of exceptional literary works in Catalan, Galician and Basque of Spain. The Cervantes Institute will give you three books published in different Spanish languages.

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