Prisoners released from prison after being pardoned


Updated: Wednesday 23 June 2021 12:21

Posted: 23.06.2021 12:20

The prisoners in the trial have already been released from prison. At 12 noon this Wednesday, Oriol Junqueras, Carme Forcadell, Jordi Turull, Joaquim Forn, Raül Romeva, Josep Rull, Dolors Bassa, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, the Catalan leaders condemned by the Supreme Court in 2019 for the attempts to proclaim the independence of the territory, they were released after a day earlier, on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved the granting of pardons to each of them.

Thus, the men left Lledoners penitentiary in Barcelona – where they were serving their sentence – at noon. At the same time, Forcadell left Wad Ras, also located in the province of Barcelona, ​​and Bassa de Puig de les Basses, a prison located in Girona. In the three enclosures, the media and even politicians such as Laura Borràs, Roger Torrent or Marta Vilalta had gathered in the previous hours to receive the prisoners until now.

The first to come out was Forcadell. Under an umbrella and wearing a mask, the former Speaker of the Catalan Parliament was greeted with applause and enthusiastically embraced everyone at the gates of Wad-Ras. Shouting “Carmelite” and “amnesty”, he thanked the demonstrations of support and assured that the objective is now “to end the repression”.

A few minutes later, the political prisoners of Lledoners were released. They did so amidst applause, stelae and cries of “freedom for political prisoners” and “independence”. In the first moments, and surrounded by the media, a massive group of people pounced on them, who responded enthusiastically with hugs, brief exchanges of words and photos, while ensuring they were well and happy to have been released.

The last to be released from prison was Dolors Bassa. Plus, as happened in the rest of the cases, he received a thunderous applause once he got out of prison. Even with his release, the graces are partial. This means that the absolute ban on practicing politics for the remaining time of the sentence is maintained in all.

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