Priutut chan-ocha breaking news: Thai Prime Minister Prayut chan-ocha sprays disinfectant on reporters see viral video: Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan Ocha sprinkled disinfectant on reporters when asked questions

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Furious at the reporters’ question, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ochapatrakar was urged to pay attention to the work by spraying the disinfectant at the same time.
Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha, at a weekly press conference in Bangkok, sprayed the disinfectant on reporters sitting in front of him. Frustrated by the latest question about a possible change of cabinet, the Prime Minister asked reporters to focus on their work. He then took out a bottle of disinfectant and sprinkled it on the reporters sitting opposite.

Thai PM is infamous for his irritability
Former military commander Prayut, who came to power after toppling the elected government in 2014, is known for his unusual demeanor and temperament. In the past, during a conversation with the media, he threw a banana peel at the cameraman after listening to a reporter.

Questions asked from your cutting in 2018
He refused to speak to the media after an event in 2018. Instead, he put his life-size cutout and said you can ask questions (cutout) from it.

Protests continue in Thailand
The head of the Thai army, Preyut Chan-o-cha, was deposed in 2014 and seized power in the country. Under his leadership, the new constitution of Thailand was prepared in 2016. In which many such rules have been established which are contrary to human rights. It also contains a provision to severely punish those who criticize the government and the king. Thailand also held elections in 2019, in which Pryutt’s party won. However, people claim that the government won the election by making a mess on the strength of its power. Since then, protests have continued against him.

Sentenced to 15 years for criticizing the king
Thailand faces a 15-year prison sentence for criticizing the king. Even after that, pro-democracy people take to the streets against Raja Ram. Demonstrations have been taking place in Thailand since July 18 against King Ram. Protesters are calling for free elections in the country, crafting a new constitution and ending the tyranny of Raja Ram’s army. The constitutional monarchy has been in effect in the country since 1932. Raja Ram targets the public to celebrate holidays abroad amid the corona epidemic.

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