Professional development directly affects the work environment

76% of Millennials say they have gone abroad to improve professionally. They were born in the last decade of the last century and grew almost at the same time as the Internet. They value degrees and knowledge. New experiences are one of your main motivations. This is how many stereotypes the generation is locked into a name with the marked character of the global market. All this to define a generation of people who, like many others, would change a large part of their lives to develop professionally.

But Millennials aren’t the only ones who aspire to improve professionally. They may be the ones who are most willing to do whatever it takes to get there, but in reality improving professionally is an aspiration of all workers. Reaching it or not reaching it will depend on the work environment and therefore on the profitability of companies and organizations.

How to succeed in professional development

When people are known as professionals – strengths, weaknesses, talents – they are also known as people. This is why self-knowledge is essential to improve as a person, but also as a professional: to exploit our strengths and minimize the weak.

Continuing education is essential to achieve professional development. It is one of the forms of growth of the labor market: continuing education. The world is changing, social and commercial relations, technology, without training we remain anchored. Apprenticeship can enrich our profession, help us develop professionally.

The communication method used to improve the work environment must focus part of its analysis on obtaining employee feedback on training by:

Access to training, courses managed by the company. If the training plans are adapted to the professional development needs of the worker If this training is received to update the knowledge related to the work performed by the workers The company has training in transversal skills (communication, feedback,. ..)

Alignment between professional development and company goals

Matching employee skills with business plans not only contributes to employee professional development / as is also directly related to profitability and achievement of goals. The development of workers’ skills makes them feel that they are contributing to the achievement of the objectives of companies and organizations. In other words, the team. The feeling that it is part of the team and helps to achieve its goals motivates to continue. For this reason, it helps to know the assessment team members make of items, such as the following:

Be proud of the work accomplished Be aware of the impact of the work done on the goals and objectives of the company Confidence of the company in the person to achieve the objectives of the mission Sense of integration in the company Sense of security at face to face work in the future

These are just a few aspects that influence the professional development of people, but not the only ones. Initiative, leadership, work management itself, interpersonal relationships or teamwork directly affect professional development, it is one of the main factors that influence the maintenance of a good working environment .

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