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SAP Online Course: Professional Guarantee in the Digital Age

Sap online courses are one of the best add-ons for professionals in all professional fields (Finance, Logistics, HR, Engineering, Programming) due to their high demand for manpower and wage rate.

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 p.m. – August 31, 2021

Since SAP is applied in all areas of the Company (Finance – Treasury – Management Control – Invoicing – Logistics – Sales -RRHH- Programming – Production – Maintenance – Quality – Marketing, etc.) it covers a multitude of Professional Profiles.

Two types of profiles

Functional: associated with areas of a business such as finance, logistics, human resources and which do not have significant programming or computer skills. Technicians. Associated with programming, system architecture, software administration, developers, that is to say with profiles of a more technological nature or associated with computer engineering or telecommunications.

Main SAP profiles

SAP USER: A SAP user is the minimum or the most basic level, he must have knowledge for his daily functions within a finance, logistics, HR, etc. department.
SAP KEYUSER OR SAP KEYUSER: It is a SAP super user who already has a higher knowledge of SAP and is close to the figure of Consultant. Normally, in addition to knowing the daily life as a user, he supports his colleagues, trains other users, tests new features, creates reports, etc.
Internal SAP consultant: This is an expert SAP consultant in the corresponding module (s) and who is most responsible for said SAP module or domain within his company. Know the SAP module in its entirety according to Financial-Controlling-Purchasing-Sales-HR, etc. He is also responsible for supporting users, training them, meeting the SAP supplier to set up new improvements and projects. Having an Internal SAP Consultant in a Company is of great value because it optimizes processes and can save a Company a lot of money by optimizing SAP processes and avoiding the use of External Consultants with very high invoices. .
SAP external consultant: They are part of the technological consultants and participate in implementation projects, maintenance, etc. Within Consultants, he began his professional career as a Junior Consultant, after several years he became Senior Consultant, then Project Manager.
SAP ERP is a complete software solution that allows you to jointly manage all operational areas of the company: Finance, Cost Accounting, Logistics, Production, Human Resources, Quality, Projects, etc.
SAP S / 4 HANA is the latest version required by the manufacturer and is the solution offered by SAP to reduce the complexity of business processes, bring added value to the organization and prepare it for digital transformation.

Benefits of the SAP online course

Flexible hours. Combining work, family and studies is not always easy. Easy access without moving. . Wide range of studies. Personalized training. Continuous updating of content. . Variety of formats. It introduces the user to new information and communication technologies. Anonymity. More economical Less risk of viral infections

With the Sap Online Courses of Digital Elearning, training is carried out at a very economical price and with all the advantages of online training.

The entire catalog of Sap Master and Certified Sap courses can be found on the web.

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