Professions in the health sector, among those preferred by Spaniards following the pandemic

Professions in the health sector, among those preferred by Spaniards following the pandemic

A little over a year ago, the state of alert was declared in Spain, which has led an entire country to isolate its home and restrict mobility. The situation of many citizens has changed since then, which has led many of them to rethink the issues related to training. Semrush, the SaaS platform for online visibility management and content marketing, has compiled a list of the most sought after careers on the internet over the past year.

To carry out this analysis, Semrush compared the research requests of the various academic training courses on the Internet between the years 2018 and 2020. The first data of the study show that, during the last year, the research of information on the diploma in pharmacy They have progressed by more than 168% on the whole national territory, and it is that careers linked to the field of health have been those in which research has increased the most. The report notes that since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, the term has accumulated an average of 738,900 searches per month. During practically the third quarter of the year, these consultations were highest, reaching 1,220,000 in August and 1,000,000 in September and October, decreasing in the following months.

Pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy and even veterinary medicine are some of the favorite careers of Spaniards. The Semrush analysis also reveals that the relentless work of health workers during last year’s pandemic coincides with a 40% increase in interest in this breed among Spaniards.

Fernando Angulo, International Director of Communications at Semrush explains: “It has been a very difficult year in which we have all seen how healthcare workers have given their all – and continue to do so. It’s an inspiring attitude that has garnered praise, enthusiasm and motivation around the world, elevating them to the category of heroes who tirelessly put their lives on the line to fight an unseen enemy that continues to plague societies of the world. whole world. It is precisely this inspiring attitude of people who anchor their professional work towards a single objective: to save lives, and this constant being under the magnifying glass of the media, putting their tireless task in black and white; which motivates the fact that the new generations are influenced by people who have made their vocation, their profession: saving lives ”.

The increase in searches for other careers of healthcare professionals, such as vets or nurses, who played a fundamental role during the pandemic is also relevant, although the numbers are significantly lower than in pharmacy. Veterinary consultations increased by 90.5%, reaching their peak during the months of September and October with more than 200,000 searches, and in the case of nurses, 85.3%.

The analysis also indicates that in addition to careers related to the health field, vocational training searches increased by 96.3%. Spaniards’ consumption habits have changed as a result of the pandemic and many individuals and businesses have found it necessary to adapt and boost their sales through e-commerce, which has taken off in recent months, increasing by 36% in 2020 .

On the contrary, at the bottom of this ratio, we find a sharp drop in other breeds. Examples of these are computer engineering (-54.3%), statistics (-17.4%) or documentation and information (-8.8%). Research on translation and interpretation is maintained, compared to 2019, without any variation.

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