Prolonged use of masks increases demand for dermatologists by 40%

With the advent of the new normal, masks have become a staple accessory. However, despite being a vital part of the fight against the coronavirus, they have brought with them a series of skin complications derived from their prolonged use and the friction they cause.

According to data from, the portal that brings together the supply and demand for professional and artisan work, problems such as maskn (acne caused by the use of the mask on the cheeks, chin, lip contour and nose), have led to a 40% increase in dermatologist requests in Spain since August, with the highest number of requests being observed during the month of October. According to specialists, the occlusion of the mask triggers the proliferation of bacteria on the skin, causing the accumulation of dirt and germs in the deeper layers.

Tips for taking care of the skin against the use of masks

ProntoPro consulted with different dermatologists registered with the platform on how to prevent skin problems, providing five essential tips:

To counteract the lack of oxygenation, cleanse the skin more often than usual, as sweating, humidity or oily skin becomes more frequent. For this reason, it is recommended to use cleansing and toning products, such as neutral soap or micellar water, as well as a soft cream with a particularly light texture depending on your skin type and perhaps hyaluronic acid; paying special attention to skin care before sleeping. In addition, it is advisable to wash your face several times a day with lukewarm water to thoroughly cleanse impurities, sebum and sweat. Identify your skin type in order to use a suitable cream; because if you have oily skin you should use a moisturizing, regulating and calming cream, while if your skin is dry you should use a cream rich in hydration and antioxidant, and if it is normal or combination you should opt for lotions. If you suffer from acne, it is best to use the products after you get home rather than in the morning as usual. Avoid exfoliating products during the day as they can further inflame the skin and apply a soothing and nourishing face mask at least once a week. Products that contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including vitamin E and niacinamide, as well as moisturizing and protective ingredients, including ceramides and glycerin, are recommended. It is recommended to limit the use of makeup, as it stimulates the production of sebum. In case you can not do without foundation and concealer, it is better to use a coloring cream or ultra-light makeup, avoiding heavy formulations. Finally, it is important to take care of your diet, exercise or drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis, as these will be three essential factors for maintaining healthy and hydrated skin and will help fight against the stress.

The effects of teleworking on the skin

In addition to prolonged use of the mask, experts talk about another factor that could affect the skin: telecommuting. By spending more hours of the day in front of electronic devices, premature aging of the skin develops, as blue light penetrates the dermis and causes strong oxidative stress, which damages its elasticity and promotes the appearance of wrinkles.

For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the use of computers and cellphones as much as possible, in addition to using treatments such as face creams, serums, and eye area which also contain antioxidants. Likewise, it is essential to regularly purify the facial skin with cleansers and moisturizers from the early hours of the morning.

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