Promote sustainable mobility, the HR issue in the face of climate change

The human resources department of a company has a lot to contribute to promote within the organizational culture the law on climate change and energy transition recently approved in Congress.

The objective of the legal text is that Spain respects its international commitments to fight against climate change and achieve climate neutrality before 2050. From Woffu, they assure that the HR department of the company is “a vehicle capable of ‘help the team that is part of the organization to promote the law on climate change and that they feel part of this change.

Promoting sustainable mobility is one of the ways in which the organization helps to avoid climate change. In 2019, 30% of Spain’s greenhouse gas emissions came from the transport sector, so the increase in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere must be avoided. How to do? Bet on a mobile fleet of electric cars or install charging stations for electric cars. Either way, employees can be encouraged to carpool with other coworkers who live nearby.

Taking into account the energy efficiency of company buildings is another aspect to take into account. In this sense, the HR department can encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials and advocate for the installation of solar panels in the building. In terms of energy efficiency, other actions can be favored, such as setting the thermostat with a temperature between 20 and 22 in winter, and between 25 and 26 in summer.

On the other hand, the company can promote sustainable practices among employees through internal competitions. This action will improve awareness of sustainability issues. Likewise, changes in organizational lifestyle can be introduced on a day-to-day basis by reducing the number of daily impressions, reusing papers as erasers, and properly classifying waste for recycling, among other measures.

The CEO of Woffu, Miguel Fresneda, adds that “an HR team focused on the strategic management of the company and awareness of the habits and protection of the resources of our planet, will be a successful HR department”.

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