“Promoting the health of employees is essential to retain talent and ensure their motivation and productivity”

Liz Andrews, Managing Director Spain and Portugal at Urban Sports Club: “Promoting the health of employees is essential to retain talent and ensure their motivation and productivity”

Following this latest period marked by the COVID-19 crisis, companies are more than ever committed to guaranteeing the well-being of their employees. To this end, organizations and their leaders continue to increase their offerings to address 360: the physical, emotional, financial and social well-being of employees. One of the most popular social benefits in recent months has been sports and exercise, which are synonymous with productivity, well-being and talent retention.

For all this, from RRHHDigital we were able to speak with Liz Andrews, General Manager Spain and Portugal at Urban Sports Club, who offers us all the details on the importance of sport among employees, its derivation as a social benefit and his success in business fitness program.

1. For those of you who don’t know it yet, what is Urban Sports Club?

Urban Sports Club is an application that allows you to practice more than 50 sports in more than 10,000 partner centers across Europe with a single subscription. It’s a sports package!

Fitness, swimming, rock climbing, yoga, dancing, surfing and even horseback riding! Urban Sports Club users can do countless indoor and outdoor activities and also live online lessons.

2. Urban Sports Club offers a sporting service for companies, fitness in companies. What does this service consist of?

Our goal is for more and more people to participate in sport and lead more active lives, thereby improving their health and quality of life. Therefore, we believe it is essential that companies support their employees.

In our case, we focus on offering a wide variety of sports. Because to have fun and find happiness, it is essential to have the opportunity to try different sports that can motivate you at different times. Urban Sports Club has more than 10,000 associated sports centers. For us it was very important to include in our offer the best studios and sports centers in the cities where we are.

Currently and following the trend of teleworking, we are creating hybrid offers for companies and in this way we become a 360 solution.

Stretching from home in the morning with an online course, going with your colleagues for a lunchtime cycling lesson or relaxing with a massage are just some of the proposals you can find at Urban Sports Club!

In addition, we support companies in the activation of employees thanks to our personalized Marketing. With each company, we develop an ad-hoc plan and support them so that the activation is a success. Likewise, we support them over the long term, by supporting them with our various sports activities in their events and initiatives for employees.

3. Focus on the corporate fitness service offered by Urban Sports Club: How does it work and what are its advantages for companies and employees?

At Urban Sports Club, we not only cater to the end consumer (B2C), but we also offer personalized agreements with companies with the aim of promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle among their employees. Any company wishing to offer sport to its staff need only contact us and someone from our Corporate team will take care of the rest.

Today, promoting employee health is essential not only to retain talent in companies but also to ensure worker motivation and productivity.

4. We are at a key moment for companies to bet on this service. What benefits can it bring in the short and medium term in organizations?

We all know the importance of sport in the workplace: increasing productivity, reducing sick leave and absenteeism, reducing stress, improving the work environment and personal relationships, among others.

People who exercise are more motivated, in a better mood and in better health. In addition, they have more energy and job satisfaction.

A company program that promotes employee health is essential today to reap all the benefits. We are at a time when companies realize this and rely more and more on this service.

5. Are you leading new initiatives or projects around corporate fitness?

One of the goals of Urban Sports Club today is corporate fitness. Daily life in companies has changed radically after the pandemic and faced with a new reality in which remote work coexists with face-to-face work in the office and where the pandemic has generated high levels of stress and anxiety, it is essential to promote sport among employees. This is why all our efforts are focused on supporting companies with our hybrid offer and thus being able to face the new reality.

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