Proof of extraterrestrial life: the asteroid Oumuamua was proof of alien life in 2017: Evidence of an alien asteroid seen in 2017

Scientists have looked to see if there is life in the universe other than our Earth. There have been many claims of aliens coming to Earth, but no such evidence has ever been found on the basis of which we are not alone. However, a Harvard University professor not only affirmed the existence of strangers, but also said that they passed by us about three years ago.

Uncommon space rock

Harvard University professor Avi Loeb says the space rock that Oumuamua observed on October 19, 2017, was in fact evidence of alien life. It was observed by the PAN-STARRS1 telescope at the University of Hawaii. The cigar-shaped object passed close to Earth at a speed of 1.96 lakh miles per hour and was considered to be a comet or an asteroid. However, Evie says it wasn’t a common space rock.

Oumuamua looked weird

Evie, the head of the astronomy department at Harvard University, explains in his upcoming book Extraterrestrial why he believes this. They reported that Oumuamua reflected a glow from the sun every eight hours. This indicated that he used to revolve completely at his center every eight hours. No other size of space object has been found before. Its luminosity was ten times that of normal comets or asteroids.

No effect of the sun?

Evie’s biggest claim as proof of her extraterrestrial life is the effect of the sun’s gravity. He explained that the speed of space objects increases as they approach the sun and more slowly as they move away. However, this did not happen in Oumuamua. He also said that Oumuamua does not have a tail like a comet or an asteroid, and it does not indicate carbon. The path of his affair was quite strange in itself.

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