Proof of mobility at Easter and cases in which you can travel despite restrictions

Publication: Thursday, March 25, 2021 6:03 AM

Easter is getting closer and closer. Faced with the rebound in cases and in order to avoid a fourth wave of coronavirus, these holidays will not be possible to travel between communities, except for very rare cases and exceptions, for which several regions have provided safe conduct.

All the autonomous communities, with the exception of the Balearic and Canary Islands, will be closed on the perimeter from March 26 to April 9, as already indicated in the Official Journal of the State. However, there are a series of exceptions which are reflected in Royal Decree 926/2020 of 25 October and in which, with the presentation of the corresponding supporting document, this closure can be ignored.

Below we detail the cases with which you can travel according to the decree of the state of alarm:

– Assistance to health centers, services and establishments.

– Presence at work or professional reasons or compliance with commercial, legal or institutional obligations.

– Assistance to educational centers, from early childhood to universities.

– Return to the place of residence

– Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependent disabled or vulnerable.

– Trips to banks, insurance companies or gas stations or gas stations in neighboring territories.

– Urgent actions before judicial, public or notarial authorities.

– Renewals of permits or official documents, as well as other unavoidable procedures.

– Participation in official exams or tests which cannot be postponed.

– In case of force majeure or extreme necessity, as well as other similar causes duly accredited and justified.

COVID mobility vouchers

These exceptions to mobility must always be accompanied by a receipt, which must be presented in the event of a check by the State security forces. Thus, several communities have published their own documents, sometimes also called “responsible statements”. It is convenient to fill them out and have them on hand, online or in print.

In the case of Madrid, the government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso issued a standard receipt which can be downloaded at this link. This safe-conduct must be completed and presented both to leave and to enter the area, in case a witness is found.

Catalonia goes further and publishes a list of receipts that can be downloaded, to leave the community and also travel between provinces, as well as to be on the streets outside of curfew hours. Here you can download them.

Aragon also makes a safe conduct available to citizens. It is a responsible declaration to be completed and which must be submitted to justify the trips.

Navarra also uses the same formula as Aragon. Publish the downloadable of a responsible declaration for all citizens who are going to move with one of the envisaged exceptions. Here you can download it.

For its part, the Basque Country publishes different models of evidence to demonstrate in the event of an inspection that the reason for the trip is provided for in the decree of the State of Alarm. Here you can access it.

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