Prosecutor asks Supreme Court to repeat trial against Otegi over ‘Bateragune case’

Posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 1:28 PM

The prosecution on Wednesday asked the second chamber of the Supreme Court to repeat the trial in the Bateragune case against Arnaldo Otegi and two other defendants for belonging to a terrorist organization, after the annulment of the conviction of the nationalist leader in July.

The Strasbourg Court annulled for impartiality the judgment of the High National Court which had imposed sentences of six to six and a half years in prison on Otegi and two other defendants in 2012, since the judge who presided over the court, Angela Murillo, said in another proceeding who knew Otegi was not going to condemn ETA’s violence.

Last July, the Second Chamber requested a report from the prosecutor’s office after accepting the sentenced persons’ appeal for review of the sentence and asked what the effects of the quashing were.

The prosecution considers that the correct thing is to go back the legal process to the moment before the configuration of the room of the national court which tried Otegi, which implies the repetition of the trial.

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