Protective cat viral video: cat bites owner to save crying baby: cat bites owner for saving crying baby

In the Philippines, a cat attacked its own owner for saving an innocent little girl. This astonishing incident was captured on camera by the girl’s mother, which is now going viral. In fact, the 8 month old girl was crying to get out of her father’s lap. At the same time, the father’s effort was for his child to sleep on his knees. Meanwhile, the pet cat, watching the whole affair, bit his own owner’s arm.

The daughter wanted to get out of her father’s knees
The incident is said to be from Davao City to Davao City. At the time of the incident, a one year old cat named Cecilia was with her owner. At the time of the incident, Father Angelo was trying to silence his daughter Demarcus. But her daughter wanted to get away from her father’s arms and go. The cat didn’t like the little girl’s cry and attacked her.

The cat tried to get the baby girl first
The cat also tried to pull the baby from its hands before biting its owner. At that time, the owner was not even aware of the cat’s attempt. When he saw that the owner was not going to leave the girl, he rubbed his teeth on his hands. After that, the owner let the girl cry in pain. He said we didn’t realize the baby’s cry would bother our cat. She was trying to protect him.

Father tried to force them to sleep
The girl’s mother, Dewani Katapang, said it was time for her to sleep, but that she wanted to play. When my husband did not leave her, she started to cry. Our cat didn’t like it. He said our daughter wanted to play more but had already played a lot of time. Her father is waiting for her to sleep, after which the little girl starts to cry.

Cats are sensitive, but don’t leave them with children
According to, cats are very sensitive to the safety of young children. If she sees a seizure in children, she tries to tell others about it with her gestures. The charity, which trains cats, said there have been numerous cases where cats have saved children’s lives. However, the site also warns children not to be left alone with cats.

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