Protective clothing for welding, essential against possible accidents at work

Protective clothing for welding, essential against possible accidents at work

In very hazardous work, it is essential that employees are properly equipped with the clothing required for each type of job. The Spanish Ministry of Labor says that in 2019, around 651,000 accidents at work, including sick leave, were recorded in Spain. Of all these accidents, 87% occurred during working hours. For welders, it is not just clothing, but a variety of accessories that protect the worker from burns in specific areas of the body.

Solda Electric is a company that has supplied welding products such as equipment and consumables, but also accessories and protective clothing for more than 27 years. “Carrying a holster is essential in welding jobs because welding arcs shine at high intensity with ultraviolet light which can cause eye damage. We recommend our Street Art automatic screen which has an auto-darkening screen which allows the welder to better protect himself without making the worker uncomfortable. We also recommend our Viking 3350 displays, with many more interesting features, ”advises Solda Electric.

Clothing is also very important when welding. The welder is a worker who is constantly exposed to fire, so proper safety clothing will protect you from this danger. Solda Electric recommends its leather welder jacket, because it is a jacket with a very durable material. “For arm protection, we always recommend the use of welding sleeves, not to mention the importance of welding gloves. We recommend our premium protective gloves in combination with a hand warmer overlay, ”explains Solda Electric.

To protect the legs and knees, Solda Electric recommends using its split leather apron, something that provides protection and safety for workers when working with heat, sparks and fire. For the protection of the head, something which is also usually very exposed if a good helmet is not used, it is important to use a cap or scarf for any spark that may jump. Solda Electric recommends its Beanie cap, Welder cap or Welder scarf. Each of these options perfectly protects the head and Solda Electric offers several options.

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