Protests in Russia: Russia Demonstration for Alexei Navalny against Vladimir Putin: supporters of Alexei Navalny in Russia protest against Vladimir Putin

Supporters of Alexei Navalny, critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, had a violent clash with the police on Saturday evening. Navalny’s arrest has been criticized around the world as well as violence against protesters. Demonstrations against the government took place on Saturday in around 70 cities, after which at least 3,400 people were arrested. These include Navalny’s wife, Yulia Navalnya.

Hundreds of protesters including Yulia in custody

Yulia also posted a selfie from the police van after being taken into custody. He wrote: “Sorry for the poor quality. Police vans are very poorly lit. Riot police pulled the protesters into buses and trucks. Some people were also beaten with police batons. The administration chased the protesters from Pushkin Square in Moscow, but they rallied 800 meters away. Many of them also threw snowballs at the police.

Winter of -51 ° C but no difference

Protesters across the country staged massive rallies, ignoring the cold and administration restrictions. The protests continued even in temperatures of -51 ° C. Protesters continued to demonstrate early in the morning and large numbers of people stood up with posters of “Russia Azad Hoga” and “Putin Chor Hai”. People then marched towards the Kremlin while others blocked Tvarskaya Street from which the road to the capital leads. According to Reuters, some 40,000 people were on their way to Moscow, while the administration claimed to have participated in the demonstration of only 4,000 people.

US and EU doomed

The United States and the European Union strongly condemned police brutality. The United States demanded the release of the protesters and journalists. US Home Office spokesman Ned Price said: “The detention by Navalny and the arrest of his supporters is a worrying sign of a ban on civil society and fundamental freedoms.” We demand from Russia that those detained for exercising their rights and Navalni be released immediately.

Navalny in custody upon arrival from Berlin

Opposition leader Alexei Navleni was taken into police custody as he disembarked at Moscow airport on Sunday. He was in treatment in Germany after being poisoned last summer and returned home on Sunday. Navalny, one of the outspoken opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin, fell ill during a domestic flight on August 20 in Russia. Navalny was brought to Berlin by private air ambulance on August 22, two days after the sick Navalny was airlifted under emergency conditions and treated at the Siberian hospital in Omsak.

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