“Proxy violence is doubly savage and inhuman gender-based violence”

Updated: Friday, June 11, 2021 7:01 PM

Posted: 11.06.2021 18:59

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, offered his condolences and all his solidarity to the mother of the missing girls in Tenerife after learning that the lifeless body of the eldest girl, Olivia, six, has been found in the seabed, at about 1000 meters deep. The whole of Spain is shocked, all our support for the families whose pain is unbearable and unimaginable. “

At the same time, Sánchez, who is currently on an institutional visit to Costa Rica, where he began the third and final day of his trip to Latin America by closing the Costa Rica-Spain Business Forum, did not hesitate to condemn the crime during his speech. : “All the rejection of gender-based and indirect violence that some continue to deny in our country.”

In this sense, the chief executive underlined that “proxy violence is doubly savage and inhuman gender-based violence, since it seeks to make women and children suffer”. Thus, he pledged that government and society continue to work together “to end this scourge.” A few hours earlier, the president of the government had already spoken via social networks to condemn what had happened.

“I cannot imagine the pain of the mother of little Anna and Olivia, who disappeared in Tenerife, at the terrible news we have just heard. My hug, my love and that of all my family, which today is in solidarity with Beatriz and those close to him, ”Sánchez said in a message posted on his personal Twitter account, a social network in which other members of the government condemned the tragic outcome of Tenerife.

For Carmen Calvo, vice-president of the Government, there is “violence against women because they are”, and added: “They attack us and what we love the most are our children. C “is the worst security problem. of a society. We must confront those who deny it and find ways to respond together. Likewise, Equality Minister Irene Montero noted that” this violence which is exercised against women mothers to strike where it hurts the most is a matter of state ”.

Sánchez did not only mention the death of little Olivia; Also, to the murder of Rocío Caíz, 17, at the hands of her ex-husband, who confessed to the police and the crime: “Rocío was 17 years old and a whole life ahead of her. Her ex-boyfriend murdered her “They kill them and not we will allow it. United, we must fight gender-based violence and the rhetoric that denies it. All my solidarity and affection for his family and loved ones.”

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