PSOE and Podemos address positions on evictions to save budgets

Publication: Monday 23 November 2020 18:54

United We Can and PSOE are reaching positions close to a deal on evictions, a key issue for the Violet side when approving the accounts. So much so that United We was able to partner with ERC and EH Bildu to ban deportations until the end of December 2022.

According to sources from the training Pablo Iglesias is leading at LaSexta, if the PSOE agreed that people previously vulnerable to COVID-19 not be deported, the training would withdraw the amendment from its own general state budgets. This measure, according to the same sources, could be carried out by means of a royal decree.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, advanced at the beginning of the afternoon the “commitment” of the government to put an end to the evictions and its willingness to study the proposal of his coalition partners.

“We will have to see if it has a budgetary reserve, respecting the legal framework. We must combine certain rights and we are open, like the government, with or without a budget,” explained at a press conference. In this way, he indicated that in the PGE project “budgets are already collected for housing alternatives”.

However, controversy is inevitable. PSOE sources at LaSexta consider that there is disloyalty on the part of their government partner, since the two parties – they say – had spoken of the amendment and the Socialists asked that it not be presented.

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