PSOE and Podemos agree to halt evictions of vulnerable families as long as state of alert lasts


Posted: Wednesday December 2 2020 19:30

Finally, there is an agreement within the coalition government on evictions: the PSOE and United We Can have agreed to cripple them for vulnerable families without alternative housing as long as the state of alert lasts.

A pact that comes after weeks of friction between the partners on the amendment that presented the purple formation to the general state budgets (PGE) for this issue, and that it finally withdrew yesterday.

However, it does not include the ban on supply cuts that the Violet training has also requested. We review the key points of this consensus.

The key points of the agreement

1. Includes vulnerable people since before the pandemic

More specifically, the vice-presidency of Pablo Iglesias and the Ministry of Transport, headed by José Luis Ábalos and with responsibilities in the area of ​​housing, have agreed to stop launches without alternative housing for vulnerable families, whether this vulnerability is prior to the pandemic or not.

The pact concluded within the executive also provides that it is the social services which grant the condition of vulnerability. They will do so through a binding report that the courts will have to request.

2. Shelter does not count as decent housing

Thus, families cannot be evicted as long as there is no possibility of their being rehoused in decent housing, which the autonomous communities will take care of providing.

To this end, a shelter, for example, will not be considered as an alternative accommodation.

3. Vulnerable people who have occupied the homes of large owners

In addition, the agreement includes vulnerable families who have occupied homes with large landlords, that is, owners of more than a dozen homes. In this case, the autonomous communities will have a maximum period of three months to find them accommodation.

4. Does not include supply cuts

While Unidos Podemos also demanded that in addition to crippling evictions, cuts in supplies to vulnerable families be stopped, the agreement in principle reached on Wednesday does not consider this point.

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