PSOE and United We can approach positions to freeze rental prices in stressed areas

The PSOE and United We may have approached positions to launch a system of public regulation of rent prices to freeze them in stressed areas.

This was indicated by sources from the Violet Formation at LaSexta, assuring that for the first time since the new housing law was worked out, a price control will be negotiated to stop the increases.

Even if, given this information, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda assured that Unidos Podemos had “accepted two proposals” that this portfolio had put on the table some time ago: to freeze prices in stressed areas and that new tenants could refer to the previous rental agreement, in case the area continues to be stressed. Two proposals which, according to the same sources, emanate from the head of this ministry, José Luis Ábalos.

Likewise, they clarified that they maintain the incentive system for landlords who lower the rental price because, they point out, the points described above “are compatible” with the incentives.

Precisely, Ábalos insisted this morning on the discounts and the increase in the supply of housing, as he has been defending for months.

This has been one of the stumbling blocks for the coalition government. United We have always been able to defend the need to regulate rental stock prices, while the Socialists were betting on other measures, such as bonuses or an increase in the public offer.

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