PSOE appoint manager in Madrid after Franco resigns and Gabilondo fails in elections


Publication: Friday, May 7, 2021 12:41

The Federal Executive Commission of the PSOE has already appointed a manager to lead the PSOE in Madrid until its ordinary congress is held in December, following the resignation of José Manuel Franco from his post of secretary general and the resignation of his candidate in the elections. 4M, Ángel Gabilondo.

This manager, who is meeting this Friday for the first time, will be chaired by deputy Isaura Leal, in whom President Pedro Sánchez, who already led the PSOE manager in Huelva a few months ago, has great confidence.

The other members of this director, among whom there are four former parliamentarians of the Assembly and municipal representatives, although not mayors, are Fran Martín -number two of the General Secretariat of the Presidency in Moncloa-, Africa Moreno, Javier Guardiola – General Secretary of Youth of Madrid-, María Cano, José Luis García, Lorena Morales -reference of equality and feminism of the party in Madrid-, Diego Cruz, Carmen Mena and Santiago Llorente.

The announcement comes a day after the resignation of Franco and, by extension, of the entire regional training directorate, as well as Gabilondo’s decision not to recover his deputy’s certificate to the Madrid Assembly, after the electoral coup . in the last elections, in which the Socialists obtained their worst result in the Community, where they were relegated to the third political force.

Socialist sources have already told LaSexta that they intend to have this manager ready as soon as possible and have stressed that they want to reach a consensus in his formation because he will lead the party for almost seven months.

The same sources admit that, at first, and despite the bad electoral result, the intention was not to touch anything, but finally there were many pressures which forced this renewal of the PSOE-M. According to these sources, Sánchez himself did not want Franco – one of his most loyal barons – to resign, precisely a few months before the next federal congress of the PSOE.

Likewise, from the party, they admit a certain perplexity at the fact that Gabilondo did not resign on the evening of the elections. Something which they think would have made everything much easier, although they argue that it was not that the candidate wanted to stay in his post, but that he thought it was better to wait for responsibility.

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