PSOE denounces Ayuso before Electoral Council for using institutions to campaign

The PSOE of Madrid denounced before the Electoral Council the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, candidate of the PP in the next regional elections on May 4, for having used “the media and public resources” to disseminate “messages to clear electoral connotations “. .

In the complaint, signed by the general representative of the PSOE-M, Encarnación Moya, to which laSexta had access, it is requested “to make it urgent, after the recurrence and seriousness of the events, and for the proper conduct of the process. election in progress ”, that the Council declares“ the violation which occurred, orders its cessation and orders that it does not occur again ”.

<< Not everything must be valid during an electoral process, because there are elements which must in any case be excluded from the electoral race, such as what is imposed by article 50 of the LOREG, neutrality, the 'objectivity and transparency of public authorities to safeguard equality of arms between all political actors precisely to guarantee the sustainability of our democracy, as provided for in article 8 of LOREG, ”they say.

Socialists recall that on the day Ayuso announces the dissolution of the Madrid Assembly and the decree calling for elections, he does so from the seat of regional government, the Royal Post, with phrases such as “ today, we enjoy freedom and certain rights that you do not have in all of Spain ”or“ I want the people of Madrid to be those who choose between socialism or freedom ”.

Their aid announcement is denounced as an electoralist

They also report that the president offered another press conference to the media on March 15 at the regional government headquarters after the weekly regional civil protection plan meeting. There, broadcasting the transmission on all the channels of the Community of Madrid, Ayuso even declared: “I will change the slogan of the campaign, which will be called ‘Communism or freedom'”.

Plus Madrid also denounced Ayuso for the same reason last week, saying his intervention violates the law that regulates elections by using an institutional space, which by definition must be neutral, for partisan purposes, supports the complaint.

“We want Ms Ayuso to stop using Puerta del Sol as if it were her campaign seat,” Más Madrid candidate Mónica García said in statements to the media. “She must understand that once the elections are called, her campaign actions are not her acts as president, and that if she had wanted to announce aids, she could have announced them during all this time that they were so necessary, ”he added. .

The PP denounced Iglesias for the same

The Popular Party denounced the second vice-president of the government and head of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, before the Provincial Electoral Council of Madrid, for “violating the principles of neutrality, impartiality and equality” by announcing his candidacy for the election. Presidency of the Community in a video recorded from his office as Vice-President.

In the complaint, to which laSexta had access, they claim that the video in which Iglesias announces his candidacy was recorded in the vice president’s office, “which is absolutely identifiable and which he consistently uses to launch his institutional messages” .

They also underline that the scenography in which the same video takes place uses “symbols and public elements” which, according to the PP, leads to making available to one of the candidates for the elections the possibility “of using means institutional ”which are not available to the rest of the candidates.

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