PSOE leaders defend pardons granted to prosecuted politicians while PP and Ciudadanos criticize Sánchez’s attitude

The government has made a clear statement of intent regarding the pardons of the politicians on trial. Miquel Iceta, in an interview for the newspaper ‘Deia’, assured that the criterion that the government defends is that of “return to politics”. “Pardons can promote this return to politics. The government is working in this direction and when it adopts the decision, it will explain it,” he said.

Another socialist, Manuel Chaves, former president of Andalusia, is in favor of pardons. And while Salvador Illa presented an alternative government team, he made this request: “We demand the convening of the dialogue table as soon as possible between the Catalan political forces.

Meanwhile, the government defends that pardons will alleviate the “unjust” situation of prisoners: “We understand it not as a measure of pardon, but as a rectification of the Spanish state; Mr. Pedro Sánchez said that different things had to be done “, declared Laura Vilafgrà, Minister of the Presidency.

However, they warn Sánchez in case the government does not budge. “We have already shown that with the process we did on October 1, it is possible to do it unilaterally; this is not our first option, but we are not ruling it out, ”said Jordi Puigneró, vice-president of the Generalitat.

Critics of citizens and the PP

Ciudadanos, for its part, considers it inconceivable and defends that the attitude of a government “engaged on the illegal route” cannot be normalized. “The attitude of the Spanish government, the president of the government, is extremely irresponsible. These pardons are obviously not aimed at the general interest, but rather the very personal interest of Mr. Sánchez”, denounced Nacho Martín, spokesperson. for Ciudadanos and the Parliament of Catalonia.

In addition to these citizens’ criticisms, the PP. Pablo Montesinos, deputy secretary of communication of the PP, affirmed that Pedro Sánchez “is every day more distant from the Spaniards”. “Political tolls are not equal to those which strike the legality and are found guilty of embezzlement and sedition,” he said.

José Luis Ábalos, however, accused the PP of not being as loyal as the PSOE was, he assures, when Rajoy was in charge. “What Spain are they talking about? Because it looks more like “antispaña”. It is very difficult for me to talk about Spain and demonize the Catalans, ”said the Minister of Transport, who assured that the challenge of independence arose due to the inaction of the people’s government.

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