PSOE loses left leadership and suffers worst Madrid election result

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 11:39 PM

The PSOE lost the leadership of the opposition and obtained fewer votes than Más Madrid. The formation led by Gabilondo lost the opportunity to preside over the region with a third position which does not even reach half of all the votes of the winner, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and who is 13 seats behind the results obtained in the autonomous elections 2019.

The “Mónica García effect” has managed to penetrate Madrid, which has given the leader of Más Madrid more confidence than the winner of the last elections so far. “I tried to come up with calm proposals so that we could deal with the citizens’ problems. Obviously I did not succeed, and I regret it,” Ángel Gabilondo told the media.

The head of the list of Madrid’s “socialists” since 2015 managed to win the 2019 regional elections. For the first time in 25 years, a left-wing party had the opportunity to occupy the Puerta del Sol. But to make this forgotten dream come true, they did it. not the seats of Podemos and Más Madrid were worth.

The “socialists” needed the “oranges”, and the latter chose to entrust the presidency to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Now, the bleeding from Bal’s training does not grant a second chance. The 24 seats of the Socialists do not correspond to the 24 of Más Madrid and the 10 of Podemos. In fact, the three parties together do not manage to bring together the deputies scratched by the “popular”.

All the polls pointed to this fall of the Madrid PSOE in favor of the Popular Party. A fact which led the candidate nominated to defend the “socialists” to change his speech during the electoral campaign, marked by threats, polarization and the lack of concrete electoral proposals.

Thus, although the “socialist” candidate initially refused Iglesias’ support, the closure of the first and only debate with the six candidates presented an unexpected turning point for his voters: “Pablo, we have 12 days to win. the elections; Mónica García, we add and I think we can govern, ”he said, calling on the left to unite to avoid a government of Ayuso and Vox.

Adding in with García and Iglesias was the only option to stop an Ayuso with devastating expectations. And nothing changed the predictions. The PP doubled the 2019 election result and the left, despite a historic turnout, was far from able to push its electorate to impose what would have been the first government without the People’s Party in over two decades. .

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