PSOE, Más Madrid and Podemos seek Vox isolation in front of Ayuso who is silent a week after 4M

Updated: Monday, April 26, 2021 11:38

Published on: 04/26/2021 11:37

The parties face the last week of the 4M campaign with the Vox sanitary cordon at the center of the debate. The progressive bloc insists on the need to demonstrate a joint rejection of the far right and calls on Díaz Ayuso to disengage. But the president of the Community of Madrid continues without commenting on her agreement with the party of Rocío Monasterio. The citizens have it clearer and reject any hygienic belt.

Ángel Gabilondo, in his interview with El Target, said that “we are in a democratic emergency”, and this Monday he again defended it at an event organized by “Nueva Economía Fórum”. “We are going to make a cordon sanitaire in Vox. It is a very dangerous disbelief, and in France or in Germany it has already been done. We will do it so that they do not enter any government,” he stressed.

Gabilondo believes that it is necessary to take “a firm position” because Vox “breaks the patterns of coexistence”

For the PSOE candidate, it is necessary to take “a firm position” in this regard because “they break the basic patterns of our coexistence” and constitute a “threat to democracy”. Some statements that follow what happened during the SER debate, which had to be suspended after the departure of Iglesias, Gabilondo and Mónica García to protest against the attitude of the Monastery.

In the same vein, expressed Pablo Iglesias, who in an interview on Monday with SER recalled that his party has been “two years” since the Andalusian elections, “asking for the cordon sanitaire” on the far right. The United Podemos candidate also believes that the People’s Party knows that “institutional power depends on the government with Vox” and that “fascism is part of Ayuso’s political project”. For this reason, he considers that the current president of Madrid will again agree with the far right if she wins the elections.

Iglesias and Mónica García defend progressive bloc’s agreement to remove Ayuso from the presidency

Thus, he urged the PSOE and Más Madrid to come to an understanding and to join forces to make “policies opposed to the PP” because otherwise, he said, “we will not win”. Although, he believes that “on the part of the left there will be no problem”, recalling that Gabilondo “has rectified his initial position” of not wanting to agree with the purple formation.

In Más Madrid, it is clear that “the progressive bloc will get more votes” than the “popular” candidate. Monica Garcia believes that the left has managed to understand each other and that there is “fair play” between the three parties. Like the PSOE and United We Can, García said in statements to “RNE” that it was clear Ayuso wanted to “go along” with Vox.

Ayuso is silent as Ciudadanos does not want the rejection of Vox

From the left bloc, they urge PP and Ciudadanos to put Vox aside. The candidate of the Popular Party and current president of Madrid has opted for silence. He did not comment on a possible rejection of Vox. For the moment, he has confined himself to defending that he wants a government alone because he has already been “the prey of Ciudadanos” and of the extreme right “for two years”, which is why he calls on the people of Madrid to unite the vote in the PP.

Specifically, during an interview in El País, the PP candidate neither denied nor confirmed that she could make a pact with Rocío Monasterio after the elections. He continues to insist that he can unify all the right to rule alone votes because he knows what it is to “fall prey” to other parties. At a campaign event this morning, he again defended that he wanted his “government to be on the same page and share a mind, a heart and a mouth” to implement the measures it wants. promote.

Regarding the threats received by Iglesias, Marlaska and the director of the Civil Guard, the president of Madrid admitted that this is not the same situation as what happened with Vox during a rally in Vallecas, but she considers that “they are alike in germ and hate.” “It has been unpleasant since the start of the campaign,” he said.

However, Ciudadanos candidate Edmundo Bal refused to create a “cordon sanitaire” for any party and accused all the candidates, except Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of “polarizing the campaign”. The leader of the Ciudadanos in Madrid considers that “it is absurd to buy this message” because, he believes, “if in 1978 there had been cords, we would not have the Constitution”.

The citizens reject the cordon sanitaire in Vox and insist on concluding a pact to govern with the PP

He insists on his idea of ​​governing alongside the Popular Party, despite what happened in the censure motions in Murcia and the fact that several members of the Orange party were expelled from the Madrid executive. “I would negotiate this nomination with the PP and the government project that we already have in progress”, he underlined in the SER.

Likewise, he called on the voters of the “center left and right” to opt for Ciudadanos the next 4M because “Gabilondo threw himself into the arms of Iglesias and Mrs. Ayuso does not deny that he will rule with Vox”, just in case give the numbers.

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