PSOE ministers ask Sánchez for a gesture of authority in front of Podemos: “We cannot continue like this”

“We cannot continue like this”, “we cannot continue to work like this”: such is the clamor of the socialist ministers consulted by LaSexta after the latest statements, actions and leaks from United We Can – like the abstention during of the vote on the right Zerolo.

Several ministers, as LaSexta learned, are asking Pedro Sánchez for a gesture of authority. They say they feel “as if they are on top of a powder keg” and believe that the time has come for Sánchez to do something about the attrition from which his government is suffering.

When asked what Sánchez is saying, they point out that he is listening and that he is very aware of the situation, but everyone agrees that the coalition with United Podemos is not going to break down: “This is not on Sanchez’s roadmap. ” I don’t know they can afford it, they add and say they are surprised because this scenario was expected within a year and a half, but not now.

The declarations of Pablo Iglesias ensuring that there is no democratic normality in Spain – this Wednesday, in a control session, he insisted, in front of the defense of the president of the government – and the tweet of Pablo Echenique supporting the demonstrations against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél, cause great unease in the socialist sector of the executive.

Already this week, after the vote on the equal treatment law, Unidos Podemos said the red lines had been crossed because, in his opinion, the PSOE had treated it unilaterally.

But before that, Iglesias’ speech about the lack of democratic normality had already started to pique the executive, which he attributed to part of the electoral campaign in Catalonia.

Regarding the unrest in support of Hasél, United We Can, through Rafa Mayoral, avoided condemning the demonstrations, in the face of socialist voices who condemned the violence of the demonstrations.

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