PSOE ministers raise the tone against United We Can: “worry” or “it’s abnormal”

Posted: Thursday, November 19, 2020 1:26 PM

Several ministers of the socialist quota within the coalition government raised their tone this Thursday against the methods of their partners and their “driving role” in the negotiation of general state budgets (PGE), after a new crack opened yesterday. between the second and third vice-presidents, Pablo Iglesias and Nadia Calviño, due to an amendment of the purples to ban expulsions.

At the PSOE, it was a shame that United We could agree on this amendment with ERC and EH Bildu without relying on them, despite the agreement to present together the proposals for modifying the accounts. So much so that after a few days of dislocation, several ministers have come forward today to show the “concern” generated by this attitude of the government’s minority partner.

“Being part of a coalition government also requires responsibilities. The most important responsibility is that, although we have opposing and different opinions, when there is a position that has been debated within the government, it must be defended, “said the Minister of Defense. , Margarita Robles, after a videoconference with the epidemiological verification units.

“Any member of a government, even a member of a coalition, can have their own opinions, but as a member of a government it is a collegial body and must therefore be up to the decisions taken. in government as a collegial body, “insisted.

Campo speaks of “agitation”

Robles joins the statements made this morning by Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campo, who said in the morning on Telemadrid that United We Can’s attitude is causing “concern” and that bringing an amendment to their own budgets, without having negotiated it with his government partner, it was “abnormal”.

The controversy arose yesterday after the vice president of economics spoke of the purple amendment as a way to gain visibility: “What do you want me to say? There are stocks that what they are looking for, c ‘is visibility, “Calviño told Onda Cero, after ensuring that he preferred PP support over public accounts, given the exceptional nature of the situation.

The statements of the Minister of Economic Affairs led the Vice-President of Social Rights to tweet his discontent and to delve into the differences between partners: “The end of the expulsions has very powerful enemies. Just turn on the radio to check. But they didn’t vote for us. make friends, but push with the forces that we must reverse, even partially, certain injustices. Governing is that.

The controversy over the agreements with EH Bildu led the Prime Minister and the Secretary General of the PSOE to send a letter to the activists assuring that “all support is correct” and asking to divert attention from “artificial controversies and invented news”.

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