PSOE, PP, Cs and Vox believe that Felipe VI will be “up to par” in his Christmas Eve speech and UP demands self-criticism

Publication: Thursday December 24 2020 10:55

The king faces what is perhaps his most difficult speech. The King Emeritus’ alleged corruption cases, his march to the United Arab Emirates and his – ultimately ruled out – intention to return home for Christmas are part of the political debate, and who believes Felipe VI should mention them in his speech tonight , most likely marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the government, Vice-President Carmen Calvo was convinced that she will send a message of “rigor and tranquility”. He said it a few days ago in Al Rojo Vivo. He also assured that the Head of State is “realistic” and that he “knows what the public opinion of this country thinks and what the citizens are asking”, he declared, questioned by Antonio García Ferreras on the speech of December 24: “I am absolutely convinced that he will send the message which corresponds from now on of rigor and tranquility”, he added.

“He is very much in tune with the moment in which he lived, he took very important decisions to renew the institution on his arrival and in this sense he is aware that we are all obliged to sincerely transfer peace and security, about how our system politics works, even going through a time as complicated as this, ”Calvo said on LaSexta.

From the PP, Pablo Montesinos, deputy secretary of the Community, declared this Thursday on TVE, during the hours of the monarch’s speech, that the king “has always known how to surrender to the real problems” and reiterated his party’s support for Felipe VI , which you said is “exemplary”.

“We censor that part of the Spanish government which attacks the king to end the Constitution”, referring to Pablo Iglesias. He called on the prime minister to discredit the vice president and head of United We Can “and the ministers who want to end the constitution”.

Jaume Asens, Member of Parliament for United We Can, also spoke. He told TVE that “of all Christmas traditions, tonight’s message is one of the most outdated, predictable, and unnecessary. Corruption is a scourge that degrades democracy, and today the king has the opportunity to break his silence and to be self-critical ”.

Roger Torrent, President of the Catalan Parliament and of the ERC, in an interview with ACN, stressed that “it was necessary for the king to apologize (in tonight’s speech) for the speech he pronounced on 3-O, but it’s gone., a monarchy which comes secretly to Barcelona has lost its moral authority. The independence movement must take advantage of the crisis of the monarchy, because it is the same crisis as that of the regime 78 “.

From Ciudadanos, Begoña Villacís assured that “politicians should not give political advice to the king”. He assured that Felipe VI “knows what to do:” He has shown us that in difficult times, when there is a blow to democracy, he is where he should be. It has never disappointed us. It will be where it needs to be. “

For his part, in Vox, his vice-president of political action, Jorge Buxadé, assured that Felipe VI’s speech would reflect “what he has always had, common sense and the reality of the problems suffered by the Spaniards And accused Iglesias of trying to pressure with their “imaginary republics”.

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