PSOE to abstain in trans law vote, overturn treatment in Congress

Publication: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 2:27 PM

The PSOE has already confirmed that its vote in the opposition’s proposed trans rights treatment, designed by the Trans Platform Federation and registered by ERC and Groupe Plural, will be to abstain.

A decision which, with the predictable negative vote of the PP, as well as that of Vox, remains without sufficient support. This is an initiative very similar to the one developed by the Ministry of Equality, and which has generated major gaps within Moncloa, since United We can defend the facilitation of gender self-determination. However, a socialist branch, led by the first vice-president, Carmen Calvo, opposed the text from the start of its preparation.

That same Monday, the socialist formation assured that it “would facilitate” the treatment of the law in Congress. In this case, the final text will not be voted on, but rather opens the possibility of a new debate in the lower house on the advisability of applying or not this new law.

For its part, from the PSOE, they argue that one thing is abstention, which is understood as the facilitation of the process, and another what each party decides. In this sense, the text is approved by ERC, JxCat, Más País, Compromís, the CUP and Nueva Canaria, as well as United We Can, whose proposal remains paralyzed within the government. However, this will not be enough, unless the PP changes its position.

This afternoon, Equality Minister Irene Montero will be one of the appearing parties and will defend the executive’s position ahead of the vote. In this sense, United We Can was one of the formations which insisted the most on the drafting of the text, and urges the Socialists to reconsider their position. A position which, as confirmed by LaSexta, is already centered on abstention.

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