PSOE to vote in favor of summoning Rajoy and Villarejo to appear for Operation Kitchen


Published: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 3:18 PM

The PSOE will vote in favor of summoning former president Mariano Rajoy and former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to appear in the commission of inquiry into the so-called “operation kitchen”.

Socialists, however, are not in favor of current PP leader Pablo Casado doing the same. In this sense, they argue that their intention is that only those people who were directly linked to the illegal espionage plot against the ex-treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, and who were in the direction of Genoa when the use of the reserved funds has been authorized.

Its government partner, Unidas Podemos, wants Casado to be included as well. This Wednesday afternoon, the socialist spokesperson Adriana Lastra and that of the purple formation, Pablo Echenique, met for about an hour to discuss positions on the list of parties present.

A meeting in which, as United We Can sources confirmed, it was agreed that the commission of inquiry be formed before the end of the year. The same sources assured that in the coming weeks, the PSOE and United We Can will work to agree on a first list of apparent parties to, on the basis of this agreement, hold talks with the rest of the parliamentary groups.

From the PSOE, they insisted that the meeting did not consider the list of appearing parties, but, and coinciding with the sources of the “purple” formation, the commitment to start before the end of the year .

The commission of inquiry seeks to investigate the alleged illicit use of the resources of the Interior Ministry to spy on Bárcenas “in order to promote the political interests of the PP and to quash the evidence against this party in corruption cases “, according to the PSOE and Podemos in the writing with which they recorded it.

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