“Psychological health is the key to the performance and success of the company”

Interview. Christine Loos, Managing Director of Stimulus Consultora in Spain: “Psychological health is the key to the performance and success of companies”

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a gigantic number of changes, not all of which are palpable to the eye or to the human hand. The concern for emotional and psychological health has been one of those great “abstract” variants, to call it somehow, that has become a trend at the personal level and also in the world of work.

And is that in addition to physical health, the well-being of our mind has been one of the great workhorses of people and businesses in the various confinements and complicated situations that we have been living for more than a year. year. Our emotions have multiplied, both the good and especially the bad, and in a large number of cases, worry and stress have increased.

For this reason, companies such as Stimulus Consultora, experts in psychological health at work, have become fundamental pieces for organizations and their employees. For more than 30 years internationally, since Stimulus, they have worked to “help companies improve their psychological health at work”, admitted Christine Loos, Managing Director of Stimulus Consultora in Spain, in an interview for RRHHDigital. In our country, the company has been taking care of the psychological health of employees for about ten years and, since its merger with Psya, they have established themselves as leaders in their field of activity. “Our raison d’être is to build a more inclusive, responsible and peaceful world of work,” Loos insisted.

In the presentation, the CEO of Stimulus Consultora admits the growing importance of the psychological care of the workforce: “Companies are increasingly taking into account the importance of taking care of psychological health of their employees. Companies are more and more aware every day “. And among his keys to correcting psychological health, Loos alludes to “recreating the social bond without seeing each other from day to day” and “taking care of psychological health in all its dimensions, from the organization to the individual”.

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