Psychological support for employees, the key to reducing company costs

Every year, worker mental health issues come at a high cost to companies due to sick leaves due to anxiety or depression, absenteeism rate, decreased efficiency and performance . The workers are the biggest asset of the company and the psychological care of the employees is a sustainable and sure bet for the companies which understand the importance of their human capital.

Consequences of employee mental health for the company

The most common psychological problems among company workers are generally linked to stressful situations that lead to pathological consequences on the employee’s mental and physical health such as: stress, anxiety, depression, burnout syndrome, pain muscles and even addiction to substances such as alcohol. Not to mention that personal problems such as relationship crises, separations and problems with children are also a major source of discomfort. These are all issues that negatively affect an employee’s ability to focus, efficiency, and performance.

Due to the health crisis, many people have been psychologically overwhelmed and this has caused a significant increase in the prevalence of panic attacks, generalized anxiety, acute or post-traumatic stress, hypochondria, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive, demotivation, apathy, hopelessness, low state. mood, irritability and concentration problems, among others.

Benefits of psychological treatment for employees

The hardest part is taking the first step in starting psychological therapy. If the company facilitates access to the employee for the first sessions of psychotherapy, it encourages the patient to make the decision to resolve the problems which concern him definitively.

The psychological care of workers helps prevent and improve the mental health of workers, generating direct benefits for companies:

Decreased absenteeism, leave due to anxiety and depression Prevention and treatment of stress and burnout Improved mood and motivation Decreased error rate and increased efficiency, performance and productivity Improvement of higher cognitive processes: Attention, concentration, capacity for memorization, recall and resolution. Improved workflows, teamwork, working environment and employee relations Increased job satisfaction and corporate image

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