Psychological well-being through the new MAZ mutual guide

MAZ, mutual employee of Social Security n ° 11, publishes new aid material against the pandemic, it is the “Guide to psychological well-being in times of uncertainty”. In these times of health crisis, we have to live through an unprecedented period that has changed our daily lives, managing our psychological well-being is really a challenge. For this reason, the mutual provides companies with a set of materials including infographics, brochures and webinars, and aims to help people cope and understand this situation that caused the pandemic. Specifically, in this guide, you will find information on how to deal with stress, reduce uncertainty and be resilient in difficult times.

From MAZ, Marta Toms, responsible for preventive activities and territorial director of Aragn of the mutual insurance company, explained that “we detect the need to collaborate in the psychological well-being of people in business and create a tool to help in the current situation . proud to offer a space where different graphic materials, infographics, brochures and webinars are brought together, providing guidelines and simple steps that fundamentally promote positive thinking and stress control. “They will have the help of the Entity’s prevention specialists for their use if necessary,” all the materials are ready to be downloaded and used by the companies, so that they can disseminate it internally to the staff, the organize as they wish or request it. advises specialists on the preventive activities of the mutual insurance company ”.

The guide, which can be found in the Prevention space on the web, in Covid19, also contains two half-hour awareness sessions, in an online webinar format that companies can also use.

In these moments of great uncertainty linked to the pandemic crisis, daily life has been disrupted because Covid-19 generates fear every day. With this in mind, managing uncertainty is a challenge MAZ is trying to overcome. The goal is to know how to manage stress, reduce uncertainty and apply resilience, in a few simple steps. For this reason, they acknowledged, “we have prepared a campaign for the protected workers of our mutuals which provides psychological management tools for this situation”.

The first documents found are infographics, they provide five ideas for dealing with daily stress levels, six steps for dealing with uncertainty, and eleven resilient strategies for breaking out of discouragement and the feeling of not being able to overcome adversity. . The brochures offer five steps for dealing with stress, five tips for reducing uncertainty, help on how to apply resilience and 17 tips for dealing with uncertainty.

Webinars are another of the resources offered by MAZ. There are two awareness sessions of half an hour each, the first, COVID-19 Day of Managing Stress and Uncertainty in Times of COVID-19, with the aim of explaining the basics of stress and achieving success. to control it; and the second, COVID-19 Resilient Strategies Day, where resources that help people overcome adversity are on display.

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