Public Health Agency estimates 40% of COVID infections or close contacts fail quarantine

Posted: Sunday July 11 2021 11:45 AM

About 40% of new cases of COVID-19 or their closest contacts do not quarantine or not in the way indicated by the health authorities, as confirmed this Sunday Xavier Llebaria, director of the Agency of public health. Llebaria, in an interview with TV3, indicated that following the quarantine “is a fundamental element, of solidarity and of perception of the risk” and that it is important that those who do not follow the confinement understand that “there are people who enter the ucis “by the virus.

“We call on the whole of society to take its responsibilities so as not to lose respect” for the virus, he added, while stressing the importance of isolation in cases indicated by health authorities. Llebaria predicted that coronavirus infections would continue to grow in the coming days, an epidemic explosion that has been attributed to “increased interaction” during holidays and year-end activities from the younger population, aged 18. at 25, and not vaccinated.

This health official indicated that before the Sant Joan holiday bridge, an increase in cases had already been detected in the population of this age group, but that the aforementioned holiday celebrations resulted in “the virus circulates with a very high speed of transmission “. He stressed, however, that this fifth wave is different from the previous ones because “it circulates in an age group with a zero percentage of immunity due to vaccination, like in a free highway” and because it does so with the variant. Delta. , whose contagion power is 62% greater than that, previously predominant, Alpha or British.

The sum of all these factors, Llebaria added, makes it possible to predict that “the cases diagnosed will continue to increase in the coming days”, in which it will also be seen whether the latest measures adopted due to the expansion of the pandemic, such that the closure of most nightlife venues. This health forecast also includes, he said, the expansion of the Delta variant, which now accounts for 42% of cases, a scenario “which is occurring in other parts of the Spanish state and in Europe”.

Llebaria also confirmed that, despite these circumstances, Health did not plan to test contacts of asymptomatic positive cases because “now is the time to focus attention on people with symptoms of covid”. They will also not do massive screening, as he argued that they are not effective “if they are not surgical”. Llebaria, in this context, did not rule out the adoption of more restrictive measures, and said that “everything is on the table” but that “it will be seen from day to day”.

He defended, on the other hand, the reliability of the tests which are carried out to attend the summer festivals, in which he asked that the rule to always keep the mask be respected. Llebaria also acknowledged the concern of his department for the pressure that this fifth wave is under the primary care centers and that it is transferred to hospitals, especially during the summer holidays. “This is one of the health indicators, the one that can mark the red line for us,” he concluded.

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