Putin breaks the teeth of Russian opponents: Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens if enemies bite their teeth

Russian President Vladimir Putin has strongly threatened his enemies amid continuing tensions with the United States and the European Union. Putin hit the opposing nations, claiming that his country will “knock out” those who try to annex parts of Russian territory and break their teeth. President Putin is believed to have indirectly threatened this with countries trying to annex parts of Russian territory.

According to the Interfax news agency, the DPA said Putin said foreign enemies were trying to take over Russian territory on a daily basis. Putin said: “Everyone wants to cut us somewhere or bite a part of us, but they should know that we will break the teeth of those who want to do this, so that they cannot bite us.

Although a third of Russian territory was moved with the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia remains the largest country in the world in terms of area. Russia has modernized its military in recent years, with official figures indicating that 3 trillion rubles (over 41 billion) will be invested in national defense this year alone. Russia is constantly testing new missiles and anti-destructive weapons.

In the past, Russia’s tension with Ukraine has peaked, and Putin has deployed thousands of military personnel and weapons to the Ukrainian border. However, Russia subsequently ordered its forces stationed along the Ukrainian border to withdraw. It is believed that the threat of the outbreak of World War III in Europe has been averted. Since the end of March, nearly a lakh of Russian army soldiers with heavy military equipment had reached near the Ukrainian border.

After that, many European countries, including America, openly mobilized in support of Ukraine. Ordering the withdrawal of the army, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu asked the military equipment to leave for another maneuver at the end of this year. In such a situation, many countries expressed doubts about Russia’s intentions. This Russian initiative was welcomed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalensky. He said the withdrawal of the Russian military would help reduce tensions in the region.

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