Putin during Russian Navy parade: Tensions with US, UK and Putin threaten to attack “necessarily” by Russian Navy

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Vladimir Putin has warned Russian Navy is ready to “attack” enemy targets, Putin’s statement comes amid continuing tensions with the United States and Britain over the Crimea Missile tested Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that the Russian navy was ready to “compulsively strike” enemy targets if it was in the country’s national interest. The Russian president’s statement came amid continuing tensions with the United States and Britain over Crimea. Amidst this tension, Russia tested its most advanced S-500 air defense system and the Zircon hypersonic missile.

“We are able to identify enemies flying underwater, over water and in the air, and if need be, we can also launch a compulsory attack,” Putin said during a massive parade. in St. Petersburg on Russian Navy Day. Putin calls Russia’s new weapons “invincible”. Days earlier, after sending its warship to Britain near the Crimean Peninsula, Russia had sent its fighter jets, which dramatically increased the tension.

“The Russian Navy today has all kinds of powers”
Meanwhile, Russia had rained bombs near the British warship. “The Russian Navy today has everything it needs to protect its country and its national interests,” Putin said. However, the British government denied Russia’s claim to drop the bomb. In fact, Russia forcibly separated Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, but most of the world still considers Crimea to be part of Ukraine.

Putin said last month after the incident that Russia could sink a British warship that was entering its territorial waters illegally. He alleged that America was causing this tension. Putin said on Sunday that Russia had earned its place among the most powerful navies in the world. Russia made a hypersonic missile, which has yet to explode into the world. Suffice to say that many countries are now trying to manufacture this missile. Russia currently has the second largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

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