Putin offers blank check to Imran Khan Pakistan Alarm bells for India Russia Friendship: Putin sends friend message to Imran Khan, billions of dollars invested, alarm bells for India

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Pakistan for the first time in the past, during this visit Lavrov conveyed a message to the Pakistani president on behalf of the Russian president.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has arrived in Pakistan for the first time in recent days after a long nine-year hiatus. The Pakistani media report says Lavrov conveyed an “important” message to the Russian leadership on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin during the visit. In this message, Lavrov said Russia is ready to provide any assistance according to Pakistan’s needs. Not only that, Russia wants to invest $ 8 billion in Pakistan. This growing friendship between Russia and Pakistan could increase tension in India.

Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune claimed this, citing an official gift during a meeting between Lavrov and Pakistani leaders. The official said Lavrov said at the meeting: “I came with a message from President Putin that we are ready to give any help Pakistan needs.” The Pakistani official said that in other words, Russian President Lavrov offered us open help.
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Russia wants to invest $ 8 billion in Pakistan
The Pakistani official said Putin was ready to help Pakistan in any way. “If you like gas pipelines, corridors, defense or any other cooperation, Russia sticks to it,” the official said, citing Lavrov. Russia and Pakistan are already cooperating on the North-South gas pipeline. Russia intends to invest a total of $ 8 billion in Pakistan.
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Asked about the possibility of purchasing a Russian air defense system, the Pakistani official said Russia wanted to strengthen cooperation with Pakistan in the region. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia was ready to provide special military assistance to Pakistan to increase its capacity against terrorists. Let us say to Pakistan that for a long time, in order to reduce the influence of India, Russia has been attacking Russia. Russia is also taking Pakistan’s help in resolving the Afghan crisis. The growing friendship between Russia and Pakistan may increase the difficulties of India, which is largely dependent on Russian arms.

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