Putin responds to Biden killer comment: Putin vs Biden: Biden says ‘Hayatara’ so Putin retaliates, challenges US president for live chat

The war of words between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin has intensified. Putin has now fought back strongly after Biden’s murder. The Russian president has challenged Biden to invite the US president to a live online public discussion. Putin said America is the only country in the world to use the atomic bomb on the general public.

The Russian president’s reference was for Hiroshia and Nagasaki. Putin said he knew how to protect his interests and that he would negotiate with Washington on the same terms that would “benefit” Moscow. Putin said on Thursday he wanted to invite his US counterpart Joe Biden to an online meeting to discuss bilateral relations.

Moscow fully capable of protecting itself: Putin
Putin told a local TV show that the first conversation they had was in January, when a call was made on behalf of Washington. Putin said: “I want to invite President Biden to continue the discussion, but on condition that it goes online.” The conversation can take place on Friday or Monday and the Kremlin is ready for it. Putin said he would give instructions to the Russian Foreign Ministry in this regard.

Earlier today, Putin said the United States should take Russia’s interests into account and that Moscow is fully capable of defending itself. He stressed that Russia is ready to work with the United States in areas of mutual interest, but only on terms favorable to Russia. On Tuesday, Putin made remarks on the tensions between Moscow and Washington after the release of the US intelligence report. The report accuses Russia of backing Trump by rejecting Biden’s candidacy for the US presidential election.

Russian President Will Have To Pay The Price: Biden
Earlier, Joe Biden said in an interview aired Wednesday on ABC’s Good Morning America show that the consequences of Putin’s misdeeds would be exposed and that “ he’s going to pay the price, you’ll see him soon. ” Recalling his first call with Putin last month in which he told Putin: “We understand each other”. The Kremlin on Wednesday rejected the allegations made in the report. Following this statement, Russia recalled its ambassador for a discussion in order to send a strong message to the United States.

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