Putin’s announcement of proximity to India and the United States – will increase Delhi’s bilateral cooperation in the new year – Russia and India will continue to work to promote cooperation in 2021, a declared Vladimir Putin

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Russian President Putin announces New Year’s greetings to President Kovind and Prime Minister Modi-India-Russia to strengthen mutual relations in the new year Stronger questions have arisen over relations between the two countries after the postponement of the India-Russia summit.
President Vladimir Putin has called for increased bilateral cooperation between the two countries amid rumors of a split in Indo-Russian relations. He expressed the hope that next year, Russia and India will continue to work to resolve topical issues related to regional and global programs, as well as continue constructive bilateral cooperation.

Putin wishes the new year
Putin, in his Christmas and New Year greetings message to President Ramnath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Russia and India are associated with a privileged strategic partnership relationship that is progressing confidently despite the unrest. and this year’s issues, including the corona virus outbreak. Has been.

The two countries will maintain political dialogue
According to the Kremlin statement, President Putin stressed that the two countries maintain a broad political dialogue and are in favor of joint projects in various fields. A few days ago, many questions were raised about the date of the India-Russia summit.

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Several questions arose from the postponement of the India-Russia summit
Several reports have claimed that India now places less importance on Russia due to its proximity to the United States. This is the first time since 2000 that the summit between India and Russia has been postponed. However, India’s foreign ministry and the Russian ambassador in Delhi denied the information, saying the conference was postponed due to the corona virus.

China, trying to dissolve poison in Indo-Russian relations, doing bad things through state media
Russia is a great ally of India
Russia and India are not only allies, but their relations are well ahead of the alliance. The two countries are not neighbors and there have been no major conflicts of interest in the past. Recently, strategic relations between Moscow and New Delhi have also remained stable. The India-Russia relationship is part of a special and privileged strategic partnership. The leadership changes in the two countries also never affected their close ties. The annual Russia-India summit for the past 20 years bears witness to this harmony.

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