Putin’s earnings Maria Shuvalova: The daughter of Russia’s Bolshoi dancer Maria Shuvalova, one of Putin’s closest friends, earned £ 20million – Earns Rs 75 lakhs every day at the age of 22 years old Russian mystical dancer, close relationship with Putin

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who was embroiled in controversies over the 100 billion rupee “palace” on the Black Sea coast, is now caught in a new controversy. The case of the mysterious friend of the close friend of Putin, the daughter of the mysterious girl, earning Rs 75 lakh every day. These incomes are so high that even the CEOs of the largest Russian companies do not receive as much money. 22-year-old Maria Shuvalova earned nearly two billion rupees in one year. The source of these earnings for Maria is also very surprising. The money was given to Maria for her role in “Capital Asset Management”. Not only that, so much money was given to Maria, nine times the money she receives each year in the famous Ballet Theater. Let’s see what the problem is …

Maria, the richest ballerina dancer, daughter of Putin’s relative

According to the investigation report of the local Baja News Agency, these figures are based on the disclosed tax record for the year 2018. Baja said that Maria can claim to be the richest ballet dancer in Russia. Maria is the daughter of Igor Shuvalov, Russian state company VEB.RF. Head of In 2018, he was Putin’s deputy prime minister. He is still believed to be very close to Putin. Maria is a ballet dancer in the famous Bolshoi and for the past two years she has been dancing around the world, including Cyprus, Italy and Bali. It was only this month that he was seen sunbathing in his family’s luxury village in Dubai. Baja said Maria takes time outside of her Billy Travel and rehearsal schedule.

The subject of the extraordinary salary surprise of Maria Shuvalova

Baja said data on Maria’s income was provided by a source that allowed her access to data from the Federal Tax Service. He said: “There is no question of doubting the credibility of the information. Most interesting is Maria’s extraordinary salary. The report comes at a time when Maria, 22, was dancing in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. Following recent tax leaks from people close to Putin, a Baja investigation revealed that the money was made by KSP Capital Asset Management, a company linked to Sergei Kotlyarenko. Sergei is believed to be Maria’s father’s lawyer. The report states that the company manages the assets of 600 people and 19 legal entities.

Maria is not employed anywhere in the company archives

The funny thing is that even after receiving so much money, Maria is nowhere mentioned as an employee in the company records. Meanwhile, in a conversation with Baja, the company of Maria’s father, Igor Shuvalov, said they set strict rules for government employees. The company said Maria did not hold any positions in their company. Ilya Shumanov, deputy general manager of Transparency International Russia, said it was hard to imagine what qualities gave him two billion rubles. He said he appears to have received money from the company. Maria was also the richest minister in Putin’s government as deputy prime minister. There were earlier reports that Maria’s father also owned a luxurious house on the banks of the Thames in London. Maria has not yet made a statement on this report, but has changed her social media settings so that no one can comment.

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