Putin’s Palace Alexei Navalny: Palace of 100 billion rupees near Vladimir Putin, looting of the government treasury on girlfriends: Alexi Navalny

The staunch political opponent of Vladimir Putin and recently poisoned, Alexei Navalny, claimed that the Russian president had a house of 100 billion rupees. Not only that, Putin has spent a lot on his girlfriends in the Treasury. Navalny also said Putin is the richest man in the world and also gives money to his 17-year-old daughter. Navalni claimed that Putin owns a 100 billion rupee palace on the Black Sea coast. It has pole dancing and casino facilities. Navalny was recently a victim of poisoning by the Russian intelligence agency FSB. He was arrested after returning to Russia.

A lot of money came to Putin’s “ maid ”

Navalny stressed that among the people for whom the Russian president is spending money is his alleged partner Alina Kabaeva, former wife Svetlana. Svetlana is said to be the mother of Putin’s 17-year-old daughter. The Russian political activist said Putin considered himself a king and was very rich. He said Putin’s needs aren’t even in a house built on the Black Sea coast. He said that Kryvonogikh, who cleaned Putin’s house, was a young girl some time ago, but now she has become incredibly rich. No one knows where this money is coming from. Navalny said that Krivonogikh had, in fact, given birth to Putin’s daughter. Now they have a lot of luxury apartments. Not only that, he received a 3% stake in Rosaiah Bank.

Putin’s girlfriends earn ₹ 75 crore every year

A 118-foot yacht was also purchased for Krivonogikh. He said that the ordinary woman could not participate in this program. He said there were two poor crores in the country but Putin could buy yachts for his girlfriend. Navalny said billions of theft rupees were wasted on Kabayeva. Kabayeva now controls the major Russian newspapers and television stations. He said Kabayeva’s official salary was £ 7.8million. He said Kabayeva, who was a gymnast, could not control television companies and newspapers if Kabayeva did not have contact with Putin. Navalani said that many weddings not only bring joy to life, but also trouble. He said Russian official Gazprom was helping Putin’s mother-in-law from the national treasury.

Find out what at Putin’s 100 billion rupee palace

Navalny claimed that Putin’s 100 billion rupee home had a strip club, casino and theater. This house has very luxurious rooms for Putin. The 3D image of this building is very astonishing. The palace has dance floors, a spa and a theater. There is a vineyard outside the house. Navalni claimed that there was a church inside this palace. These images are part of the review of the Navalni. Navlani gave all the information about this house in his blog. Outside this palace, impermeable fences have been erected on either side. It has its own port. It has its own security and permit system. This area falls under No Fly Zone. It is its own border checkpoint. It is a separate state in itself.

“ Putin’s palace is the safest and most secret place in Russia ”

Navalni claims the palace belongs to Putin. He said the cost of this whole palace is around 100 billion rupees. It was created by people close to Putin because of corruption. He said a contractor leaked the floor plan. After that, he prepared a 3D map of the palace. It also has a gym, swimming pool and underground basement. The Putin critic claimed the palace was given to Putin as a bribe. A large number of Russian security forces are deployed throughout the region. A tunnel remains from the palace to the coast. He said the whole area was Russia’s most secret and secure. It’s like a city or a republic in itself.

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