Putin’s Palace: The new owner appeared in Vladimir Putin’s “ secret palace ”, said – this is my mansion – Putin’s palace is mine, says Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, childhood friend of Vladimir Poutine

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Controversy over Putin’s palace in Russia; People on the streets to protest Alexei Navleni, who had taken to the streets to post a video to meet the palace in a bribe.
A new boss has emerged amid the growing uproar over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s secret palace. Russian billionaire businessman Arkady Rotenberg has claimed that the Black Sea mansion does not belong to President Vladimir Putin. President Putin has also denied the allegations made about this palace. Rottenberg is considered a businessman close to Putin.

Putin in controversies after Navleni’s claim
Putin’s secret palace was revealed in a video by his top critic, Alexei Navellini. After Navalny’s arrest, his team uploaded the video, which has been viewed over 100 million times so far. Protests against the Russian president have intensified following revelations from Putin’s palace.

Rottenberg to build an aparthotel
In an interview with Russian media, Rotenberg claimed that a few years ago I made an agreement with my creditors regarding this palace. I have since become the owner of this mansion. Rotenberg has stated that in a few years this property will be entirely mine. He also hoped to make it an apartment hotel in the future.

Why this palace is surrounded by controversies
In fact, after the arrest of Kremlin critic Alesky Navellany, his team shared a video of this palace. Since then, the controversy over President Putin’s wealth has intensified. Navalny’s investigation claimed the property was valued at around $ 1.37 billion. What was given to Putin as the biggest bribe in history.

Putin rejected the allegations
Just a few days ago, Putin dismissed the allegations. He directly denied that the palace did not belong to him or any other member of his family. He described this Navellani video as boring and bogus.

Who is Arkady Rotenberg?
Rottenberg is said to be the owner of a huge construction company in Russia. The Rotenberg company works on infrastructure such as bridges and gas pipelines. He is known as Putin’s former childhood friend and judo partner. The United States has also banned Rottenberg since 2014.

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