PWAs incorporate new options to look like native apps

Progressive web apps are for some the future of apps. But to achieve this, they need to improve and have the capabilities that native applications already have. Microsoft and Google are very interested in PWA applications and now the Redmond giant is finalizing further improvements.

The PWAS will offer us to anchor them at startup or to the taskbar during their installation

One of the differentiating elements is that when installing an application, we are offered to anchor it to Start. User Florian B noticed that in the latest versions of the Windows Insider program, several things are asked of us:

If we want a shortcut to be created in the Start menu, in the taskbar, on the desktop or to start with the system. These are typical features of native applications and, very soon, PWAs. A big leap in quality for these types of applications and to improve their use.

As we have already indicated, Microsoft is working with Google in the area of ​​PWAs. One of your tasks is to allow PWAs to change your title bar and it is believed that you are working on converting Outlook desktop app to PWA. More and more apps are becoming PWAs these days, the latest being the official Instagram app for Windows 10.

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