pyramids of sudan: egypt is not the most pyramids in the world, you will be surprised to know the name

If you are asked in which country the most pyramids are built, your answer will be Egypt. But, this is not quite correct. There is also a country that has always been misunderstood and told. However, this country is far ahead of Egypt in terms of the number of pyramids. The name of this country is Sudan. People are surprised to hear the name of this country if pyramids are found here too. In fact, the world knows very little about the pyramids in Sudan. No tourist comes to see these pyramids in this country which has long been the victim of civil war, violence and military dictatorship. This is the reason why despite more pyramids than Egypt, this country could not inform the rest of the world. In addition, the pyramids in Sudan are in poor condition due to poor maintenance, neglect and corruption.

There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt

According to reports, the total number of pyramids in Egypt is 138, while the known pyramids in Sudan range from 200 to 255. Only a few remains of many of them remain today. You can still think that the pyramids in Sudan were also built by the ancient Egyptians, who may have strayed south. But, this is not correct at all. The pyramids of Sudan were built by the kings of the Kush Empire. They are considered to be the rulers of a very ancient civilization, which ruled the regions along the Nile from 1070 BC to 350 AD. The Kush Empire began construction about 500 years before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. However, in both cultures, these pyramids were only used as graves for the dead of their clan.

Know the difference between the pyramids of Egypt and Sudan

Like the Egyptians, the kings of the Kush Empire also buried money in the pyramids in the event of the death of one of their ancestors. They believed that the deceased might need this money to go to Heaven after his death. Despite this, structural differences are clearly visible between the pyramids of Egypt and Sudan. The pyramids of Sudan are much more rigid, shorter and narrower. They are made of large pieces of stone, unlike the smooth surfaces of the Egyptian pyramids. There is also a difference in the size of the pyramids of Egypt and Sudan. The average Cushite pyramid is approximately 6 to 30 meters (20 to 98 feet) in height, while the Egyptian pyramid has an average length of approximately 138 meters (453 feet).

Archaeologists in search of the secrets of the pyramids of Sudan

The largest number of Cushite pyramids are found in the ancient city of Meros. The city is located in the heart of modern Sudan. The city alone is home to around 200 of the country’s 255 pyramids, suggesting that it was once a thriving metropolis. Researchers still have many questions about the Sudanese pyramids that they still cannot fully answer. The good news is that teams of archaeologists are currently working to locate it in Meros. One of the cleanest ways for archaeologists is to use a drone to scan the area from above.

Know Sudan

Sudan is located on the continent of North East Africa. It is also the third largest country on the African continent. It shares borders with Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Libya and Chad. This country, which suffered a long civil war, is now divided into two parts. This is the reason why in 2011 a new country named South Sudan was formed by joining parts of Sudan. This country was also a slave to Egypt and Great Britain until 1955. Since independence, this country has been the victim of violence. After which the demand for a separate country began to increase.

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