Qatar Shura Council Reviews Changes to Labor Laws: Shura Council Submits Recommendations to Government to Make Major Changes to Qatar Labor Laws

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Preparing for major changes in Qatar’s labor laws, the Shura Council recommended the government not to change jobs more than 3 times. Migrant workers, contracts should be linked to visas. Mandatory labor reforms carried out last year will become inactive, Indian workers will increase
Qatar will once again make major changes to its country’s labor laws. The Qatari Shura Council has submitted recommendations to the government to make major changes to labor laws. If implemented, the difficulties of around 26 lakh worldwide will increase. Qatar, the largest exporter of natural gas, has around one million Indian workers. Even last year, Qatar reformed labor laws, but if the Shura Council’s recommendations were accepted, previous reforms would automatically be dropped.

Workers will not be able to change companies more than three times
According to the BBC report, Qatar’s Shura Council said in its recommendations that migrant workers should only be allowed to change companies three times. The number of reforms implemented last year was not definitive. It has also been said that no more than 15 percent of employees in a single company can change jobs in a year.

Qatar companies will increase their strength
In addition, the Shura Council has given more rights to Qatari companies when it comes to labor law. It states that after a contract with the government or private companies, workers will not be granted permission to change companies unless the worker’s current company agrees. Apart from this, the visas of migrant workers will also be linked to their contracts.

The Shura Council is very powerful in Qatar
The Shura Council is an advisory council in Qatar. Which gives its suggestion to the government in different areas. It is headed by the Minister of Labor of Qatar, Yusuf bin Mohammed Al-Othman Fakhro. When Qatar eased its labor laws last year, many large companies protested. After which, these changes were recommended.

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Indian workers will have a big impact
Every year a large number of people from India travel to Qatar for work. When Qatar relaxed its labor laws, the biggest benefit was for Indian workers. Now, if the new law goes into effect, the concerns of these workers will increase. It is now believed that workers who come to Qatar will have to work in a company for at least 2 years.

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