Quad Indo Pacific china: Quad: the Chinese dragon will be tightened by Quad. Country, Biden, Modi, Suga and Maurice gave a clear message in their article – Quad Joe Biden PM Modi Suga Scott Morrison wrote an article in Washington Post a strong message to China

After the first summit of the top leaders of the Quad countries, US President Joe Biden, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga wrote an article. In this article published in the Washington Post, the four leaders sent a strong message to China, reiterating their commitment to keep the Indo-Pacific region free and free. At the same time, he vowed that he would work with countries that have the same goals.

The four leaders said they will ensure that the corona virus vaccine continues to be introduced to the region in 2022 and that they will remain committed to this. In their article, the four leaders said that Quad was born in a time of crisis. It became a diplomatic conversation in 2007 and was born again in 2017. The four leaders wrote: “In this time of interconnectivity and opportunity in the Indo-Pacific region, we have come together to help a region that is in this region. requires”.

‘We will make sure no one is forcing you’
The four leaders declared that we re-commit to making the Indo-Pacific region free, independent, flexible and inclusive. We are trying to ensure that the Indo-Pacific region is accessible to all and that it is governed by international laws where everyone has complete freedom to travel. Disputes in this area must be resolved peacefully and each country can adopt its political options and be free from coercion.

Launching “ ambitious efforts ” against the corona virus, the four countries have vowed that they will “ expand and increase the production of safe, accessible and effective corona vaccine in India. ” The four leaders said we will be partners every step of the way and ensure that the corona vaccine is installed throughout the Indo-Pacific region by 2022. The four leaders said they will further strengthen their relationship with ASEAN, a organization of Southeast Asian countries.

Quad leaders sent a clear and strong message to China throughout the article
The four leaders described Quad as an organization whose members share similar views. Quad leaders clearly sent a strong message to China throughout the article and expressed that its grandparents’ days are about to take off. China is taking provocative measures from Taiwan to Ladakh. This has caused tensions throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Not only that, due to the attempt to capture the South China Sea, China is in conflict with many countries in Southeast Asia. China views the Quad as a siege against itself and has repeatedly criticized the organization.

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