Quadrantid meteor shower: quadrantid meteor shower 2021 January weekend news: broken star rain on the first weekend of 2021

2020 has been a very special year in terms of astronomical sights and rare events and the start of the new year is going to be similar. If firecrackers may come out of the house on New Year’s Eve celebration, don’t be disappointed because fireworks are going to be seen in the sky on weekends. The Quadrantid meteor shower, which occurs annually from December 28 to January 12, can be seen at its peak between January 2 and January 3.

Why is this rain special?
Quadrantid is known as the most beautiful meteor shower of the year according to the US space agency NASA. The reason is that between 50 and 200 stars fall every hour. If the sky is clear, this view can be seen comfortably. Not only that, their brightness and color are quite sharp compared to common meteorites. They look like fireballs. Between the two days when they are at their peak, there will also be a 6 hour time when they will be most seen.

When are you going to see India?
In India, they can be seen at 8 p.m. on Sunday evening. However, due to fog during the winter season, they can also be difficult to see. At the same time, the light of the moon can also become an obstacle to their vision. Meteorites are most visible after midnight and before sunrise at dawn when the sky is dark and artificial lights are turned off. Quadrantid is a rain whose time has not been precisely claimed.

How can we see the shooting stars?
According to astronomers, the most important thing to see a meteorite is the very small amount of surrounding light. Due to buildings and traffic lights in cities, the sky appears less dark and it is difficult to see the stars falling. For this, you have to live in a place where there is less light around. During this time, keep an eye on the maximum area of ​​the sky. In a while, when the eyes are focused on the dark sky, it will become easier to see the stars falling.

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