quadrennial meeting: India Japan Australia Quadrennial meeting United States: quadrennial meeting India Japan Australia

The White House said on Tuesday that key leaders from Australia, India, Japan and the United States will discuss various issues such as Kovid-19 challenges, economic crisis, climate change at the conference. Friday’s QUAD. The four-country “QUAD” coalition stands amid growing global concerns over China’s growing interference in the Indo-Pacific region.

White House press secretary Jane Saki told her regular press conference that the key leaders’ conference for India, United States, Japan and Australia would be held online on 12th of March. “This program is one of President Joe Biden’s multilateral programs to attach importance to close cooperation with allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region,” he said.

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He said: “We hope he will discuss many issues such as the challenges of Kovid-19, economic cooperation and climate change facing the whole world.” The idea of ​​making “ QUAD ” came after the tsunami of 2004 and was formalized in 2007. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of “QUAD” meets regularly. However, “QUAD” will meet for the first time on Friday at the highest level.

Saki said President Joe Biden will meet online with his “ QUAD ” counterpart – Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga on Friday morning. Saki described India, Australia and Japan as important partners in the United States. At the same time, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price said in a separate press briefing that the summit will demonstrate the ability of “QUAD” to work together and cooperate to address the main challenges it faces. confronted with.

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He said: “I would like to say that QUAD is not intended to face any particular challenge. It is not about a particular adversary. This alliance was born because we have a common interest. Of course, maritime safety is one of them, but there are many other topics as well. In New Delhi, the Foreign Ministry said the four leaders will hold talks on regional and global issues sharing common interests and share prospects for cooperation to keep the Indo-Pacific region open, free and inclusive.

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